Richard Avery is a fictional character on Knots Landing.

He was portrayed by John Pleshette.

Brief Character HistoryEdit

Richard Avery was born and raised outside Washington, D.C. His big brother, Philip, died in an motorcycle accident when Richard was 15 years old. Richard then met and married Laura Avery while finishing his law studies at the prestigious Georgetown University. After the birth of their first son, Jason, the Averys moved to Knots Landing in California where he worked as a lawyer with a firm called Pinous, Simpson and Lyle.

Richard found his lawyer career very frustrating. Richard hoped to become a partner in the firm, but he did not see anything coming since he didn't have many clients. Then one day, a prestigious lawyer from Chicago contacted Richard about some business. After this lawyer asked him to join his firm, Richard informed his bosses that he resigned. Actually, his work in Chicago didn't pay much.

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